Saturday, 30 August 2008

girl and zebra bird

My mum is obsessed with zebra print. I'm obsessed with beaks. So here we go...

jasmines shadow

Cats are far more interesting creatures than dogs. They are independent and don't take any orders. At the moment I share house with 3 other human beings and 3 cats. There is a clumsy and fat Ozzy, closet lover Marshal and ghothic Jasmine. Jasmine is in the picture.


I thought that I hated pastels but decided to give them a go. Might not hate them anymore. This kind of seductive face is suprisingly common on womens faces on nowdays media.

pop pope

I'm not convinced by religion really. And lets face it, Pope is a rather hilarious name, isn't it!

ipe bowls

As long as I can remember I've loved making my own everyday utensils like now these breakfast bowls. Food does taste better from ipe bowl!

my london family

I created my London family as the final project in foundation course. I'm not from London and I wanted to feel like this city was more my home. My new family members are crumpy Morden(main picture on far left), Ruislip with massive lips and tiny Limehouse.

holiday feet

Well at least we had fun(rather hysterical time) when doing this video clip with my sis.

this is my future

I'm actually pretty afraid of getting fat and ugly even though I try to act in quite the opposite way. I don't want to support plastic surgery. People should grow old with dignity.
This is a drawing from my recent sketch book.

bitch fighting

Dressing up is my favourite game! The fantasy world of drag queens and burlesque performers fascinates me. I used to work as a make up artist for a little while but I don't agree with boring and fake world of beauty business. I believe in spicing up our everyday reality.
These fighting bitches are my very best sister Kiira and my good friend Elisa. The photo shoot happened few years ago when I spend the summer in Finland.