Friday, 6 September 2013

the dragon

 My wonderful boyfriend had his birthday end of last month. This was the first time I needed to give him a present, since we've been together only less than a year, and the pressure was on.He likes expensive wooden furniture so I decided to give him a dragon. Makes sense, yeah? Well he also likes dragons and I can't afford to buy expensive wooden furniture but I know how to make creatures. Above is the initial sketch and below are the dragon patterns.

 These are dragon limbs. 

When the dragon was ready I needed to pack her inside an appropriate box for dragon handling.

And tadaa, this is her: my very first dragon baby. From now on I shall call myself the Mother of Dragons.

elephant on billboards

So in the beginning of the summer I made an elephant. Summer is over now but I never managed to report what happened next. Well the elephant starred in the advertising campaign for Camberwell Arts Festival alongside the super cool flying boat made by Jess. Sadly I never managed to see our billboards by myself because I was holidaying by a turquoise sea when the campaign took place. Jess took some pictures though and these are them!
Unfortunately I still haven't got the actual photos that were used in the campaign. Will post them as soon as I get hold of them!