Tuesday, 19 May 2009

diving simulator girl

This is me simulating diving in dry conditions far away from real water. Swimming is one of my favourite things and I like diving too. Sadly I am a bit panicky under the water and can't hold my breath that long. I would love to do some free diving but my head doesn't allow me to. It gets scared. As response to Leisure Centre brief I decided to do some dry diving. It was tricky to take photos of my self by my self. Next step is to get a tripod and do some full body diving photos.

Monday, 11 May 2009


This is Bas Jan Ader, a performance artist who famously dissapeared while trying to cross Atlantic on a tiny boat. He also fell a lot, and cried. He reminded me of sad clowns. Below is me as a sad sad crying clown. I am "too sad to tell" just like Ader was on his famous video where he just cried.

today I nearly suffered from hypothermia...

These are my very cold feet after 20 minutes spent in outside lido. The water was freezing even for experienced Finnish person like me. It was lovely anyway. There is no other sensation like the one you get from swimming. I couldn't live without swimming. I think that my work for Leisure Centre exhibition has to be about swimming! Outside swimming is best especially in natures own waters like lakes and the sea. These elements are strongly visible in Bas Jan Aders work too. My biopic project is about him. He emphasizes natures forces and the fact that how small people are infront of those.

This is me before and after lido.

Friday, 8 May 2009

swimming and a bee

We are going to have end of the year show at Camberwell leisure Centre. Yesterday I went to see the space to get inspiration. I decided to have a swim while I was there. The building is quite old and swimming pool is surrounded by beautifull viewing area. After 45 minutes of swimming I got dressed and went upstairs to that viewing area. I tried to sketch people down on the pool. There are always lots of signs and warnings by the pools. Nothing is aloud really. Health and safety I guess...

This morning I found a dead bee.

Hot News= Gossip

It was natural for me, as being the gossip creature, designing our "official" newspaper. In real life I prefer serious newspapers such as The Guardian because reading them makes me feel more clever. The so called redtops are considered to be for the "lower" and less intelligent classes. In my research I got into looking at these scandalous tabloid papers and the psychology they use.

Some of the tabloids are rather funny...

I found it important to design the headline for my paper very well. I looked into lots of different fonts and in the end preferred the old fashioned "engravers old english". It was rather difficult to copy by hand so I finally faced my fear of Photoshop. Below is the result of hours and hours of swearing and sweating. It is very basic I know but my skills are unexcistent. Well they are bit better now. I think that I upgraded from minus level to basic starter level. Small victory!

Below is one design for tabloid and then my final newspaper covers. I did them by hand and in very childish way. My excuse: I was lazy. Oups

DVD deco

Our film needed a package ofcourse. We decided to burn it on DVDs to hand out people as our manifesto. Sayaka and Yono designed the cover leaflet and package. I did the desing on actual DVDs. Thanks to my short work experience in a stationary shop I knew that DVD stickers exsisted. Now don't laugh but I found it very hard to know how to make desing on computer so that it would print out precisely on right place. I did it all manually instead...and didn't save any time or nerves. I carved the text "Woodlings" as a mirror image on lino and then hand printed it on stickers. First I tried to use acrylic colours but after several test pieces gave up and bought actual block printing colours. After hours of messy work only thing that worried me was wether the DVDs would work with tose stickers on them as the print was bit thik and uneven. I tried to do them as flat as possible but obviously with my technique the finish could never be as neat as when printing with a printer. Apparently the DVDs were funtional in the end!

The tale of Woodlings

woodlings in weirdlands from nadia krol on Vimeo.

Here it is finally, our magnificent manifesto film! Sit back and enjoy.