Friday, 29 June 2012

window dressing and a BILLBOARD!

 This girl has been super super lazy in updating this blog but hey ho here we go again. Some time ago we managed to finish a project for Camberwell Art Festival. Basically we created illustrations for their website as these 3D paper models. The main design and idea were by Jess and I worked as her right hand(sometimes more like the left one). Work included nerve braking moments with glue gun and melting lollipops and few casualties(burns and cuts which all happened to me).
The festival people wanted to showcase our models also in flesh. Above is our window display in the House cafe. Below are few detail pictures.

Since I am childish I need to point out every single item I made which are: the tiny fox and most of the buildings and the big C and the text on the box and bits and bobs...

We also got to use the gallery downstairs where we put our work from final show last year(yep...we are into recycling). We also tried very hard to make a life size model of one of our miniature signs. We failed. I spent ages building that pathetic wooden construction but in the end we gave up when we were told that we only had 5 minutes left to put up the show. This is the top of that magnificent/stupid sign. 

 And here comes the best bit: we have a billboard advert! It's between Camberwell and Brixton.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

for fashionable kids

 Me and my friend Meikku collaborated on this super cool fashion project(note the use of words like collaborate and project to make this entry sound more professional). Basically a very cool dude turned 1 and we decided to mark the occasion by designing and making him a very own unique outfit. Meikku is a fashion person and she was responsible for the actual making of these clothes meanwhile I just had fun drawing on them!

Backside of the clothes!

 I made the packaging from scratch. In other words: I MADE THE GIFT BAG!!!! I also did the card...