Friday, 30 April 2010

Mushroom Engineering

This is it: my entry to this year's Macmillan Children's book prize. Or better these are the double spreads for my story Mushroom Engineering. There's no text on them as the text needed to be on seperate overlay. Above are the back and the front cover and below all the pages and last endpapers.

The book is about Portobella the mushroom engineer. She lives in a big industrial city and basically has never seen real mushrooms or really any real nature.

She sees her neighbour in a building opposite having a greenhouse on the balcony and gets very very curious. She finally contacts the neighbour and eventually they get friends.

The neighbour is called Lady Chai Latte and is a true hippie.... In one of her flower pots there are REAL mushrooms! Neither of them know about those too much so they find out.

In the end the friends travel to the forest to find real mushrooms.