Friday, 27 February 2009

development of ipe costume

Plans for my costume in time sequence:

To have something theatretical on my head is important. My costume needs to have bright colours and it needs to be fun. High heels are essential too. The 3 sketches under here are developing the final idea of forest animals on my head.

I started the building of my costume from the forest helmet as head is the main thing! The 2 creatures living on my helmet were moose and hare as they are the very basic forest animals in Finland. I made their constructions from wire and covered it with wet strips of newspaper.

The actual helmet was built on top of a balloon using tissue paper and water mixed with PVA glue.

The outfit is representing my need for swimming and it has the snow element too. Shape is like swimming costume but actually I was modifying extremely massive underpants. I decorated it with pink snow flakes. Around my neck I was wearing branches (made with LOTS of trouble)that had some tiny birds sitting on them. In my costume I am a forest creature from Wonderland.

amazing costumes, amazing designers!

I got extremely excited the second I heard that we need to design a costume! This was a perfect task for me. As I've mentioned already earlier I LOVE LOVE LOVE dressing up and I don't mean looking boringly pretty but real crazy dressing up. I have a weird fixation to swimming caps and helmets. Above are some of those by D&G and Giles Deacon.

In this blogging I have some of the pages from my sketchbook where I collected inspirational costumes from great designers. Underneeth are some pictures from simply amazing Fam Irvoll. Her cute knitted dresses are like made for Alice(the Wonderland lady)

And lets not forget cute boys...

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

more about me me and me; my basic "needs"

Above are few more pages about me from my sketchbooks and below the conlusion of 5 basic needs.

Monday, 9 February 2009

The Naded Truth about Me

This is the cover of my newest sketchbook, the one about me me me! Author project is all about me (in my case naturally) and ofcourse i love it! Below are some pages from this sketchbook. Big revelations of my life...