Sunday, 17 October 2010

first 3D attempts

Sketching in Finsbury Park a week ago on sunday. It was a warm day, nearly like summer again!

Above is a plastacine model of the head of Machine Kid and below the one of Racing Granny.

When designing her racing vehicle, I tried to get my head around vehicles by building very simple models.

The whole point of my final project is that it is going to be all 3D! I will build all characters and sets and this way create the story as miniature models.


Above are designs for the first version of Granny's racing vehicle. In the course of the story the vehicle changes dramatically...
Below are some sketces from the Steam Museum: my ultimate place for inspiration! 

extra characters

The characters above are not going to be part of the story. The lady was one of my first designs but later on I decided to go for Granny, Machine Kid and Tom only.

There are 2 small side characters. One of them represents the rules (sometimes ridicilous) of society. He is the Health and Safety Inspector who comes to inspect the racing vehicle with not too good news.
The other side character is Granny's worst enemy, her rival racing driver.

Racing Granny= the beginning of my final project!

I am finally revealing some of the plans I have made for my great final project during the summer. It is a story of Racing Granny and her crew. Above is Granny and her main mechanich the Machine Kid.

These are sketches for Granny. She is a racing star with her self made racing vehicle(engineered by Machine Kid). I am taking my inspiration from the end of 19th century and beginning of the 20th century when lots of industrial inventions were made. In that sense the time was exciting. My stoy is totally fantasy though. Not least because my main star is an active elderly lady. Not very Victorian behaviour for a woman...

Below are sketches for Machine Kid. If Granny is the star, Machine Kid definitely is the back force behind her succes. I am consciously paring up an unusual character couple to be my main heroes. Usually active role is male dominated and so is the one of clever person. Age of my characters is unusual as well. Old women tarditionally have a role of evil stepmother or caring grandmom. Young girls are not normally the ones with brains.

Third main character of my story is Kitchen Tom. He takes the role of a carer, the one traditionally left for women.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Spider Walk

The third year has started. We were told to work harder than hard like every day. Today was the second day of this term and I was supposed to work harder than hard on my animation project. I finally had a starting point after the whole summer of just being obsessed about gender stereotypes and how they are being forced onto kids. Well, subject like that is obviously way too large and I had to simplify my thoughts into something, well very simple. And here it was, Pop, a Swedish child who's parents refuse to tell if Pop is a girl or a boy. World is shocked but I am happy. Pop is a perfect hero for my animation. POP THE GENDER FREE CHILD! Like a superhero Pop CAN DO anything. Pop CAN play dress up and with dolls but Pop CAN also play with guns and monsters. REVOLUTIONARY child indeed!

But then the sun came out and I got bored and the following adventure just happened.