Sunday, 8 November 2009


This paperdoll is my final piece for the fiction project. I tried to illustrate the reasons behind Eshters depression. The expectations for women in the society of 50s(time where the novel is based on) were suffocating. Eshter felt that there wasn't many other options open for her than to get married and start making kids. Her dream of becoming a writer seemed to be drifting away.

Mega Picture

Peter gave us an optional task to draw a big picture that includes the whole book. I loved it! But then it was pretty labourous too and I didn't manage to finish it yet.

Scrap Book

I got super into making my scrap book about The Bell jar. These are few selected pages...


An other "book" from the same scene. These cards have 2 sides; purple is Eshters side and orange is Buddys.

Have you ever seen a man?



Pages from my mini book. The scene is from The Bell Jar. Buddy, Eshter's boyfriend, asks her if she has ever seen a man. She replays thats she hasn't. Buddy takes his pants off. Eshter doesn't find the situation anyhow appealing or sexy. Then Buddy demands to se her but she refuses. Eshter, who is a virgin, then asks if Buddy has had an affair before. He has always claimed to be a virgin too. Buddy admits to have lost his virginity to a waitress. Eshter feels deeply betrayed.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Bell Jar summer drawings

During the summer brake we needed to read a book from a list given by tutors and the do lots of observational drawings that could be from the book. I chose "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath. I am naturally quite into drawing characters. Above is the drawing that eventually came to be the base for main character Eshter.

This can be found from Archway...

These 2 pictures above were made in the cemetry in North Finchley. It was rather curious and bizarre place. Especially new graves were interesting as they were often full of toys, statues and other objects left by relatives and friends.

I drew food items too...

Like I mentioned earlier I normally draw characters. I find buildings and locations boring and challenging. Part of the task was to draw them as well so I tried to overcome my fear...

postal strike attack

Couple of weeks ago super funny illustrator /artist Riitta Ikonen gave us a talk. I am seriously in love with her. She is amazing!!!! After the talk she gave us a task to make a postcard and send it to anyone we wanted to. Brief had something to do with current situation here in England with big postal strikes taking place. That day I didn't have any art materials with me so I made my card out of clear sellotape and sent it to my sis as she is the only person who's address I remember. Oh well, I do remember my parents address as well... She hasn't mentioned recieving any odd cards yet so guess it is stuck somewhere in English post system. The translation for the text is roughly: This is a test if the post of England works. You are the best. Simple and stupid really.