Monday, 17 December 2012

robins? NO, these are some ass kicking paradise chicks!

 This year in Ipe's xmas kitchen: some crazy paradise colours!
(oh I made a box for my chicks as well...see below)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

the best ever xmas tree

Jess and I got commissioned by Camberwell Arts Festival to decorate a xmas tree for them at the xmas tree festival in a local church. We made the coolest tree ever seen to a man. I made this road garland with tiny London buses on it. They are all the buses that actually operate in Camberwell. Above are some buses before attaching them to the road and below is the road, buses and houses I made.

 Jess decorating!

 Jess made paper cut decorations and other more christmassy ones plus lots of cute houses. I made the road, Camberwell street signs and some houses.

 It is just so CUTE!!!! We realised that we are natural talents on xmas tree dressing and came up with much much more ambitious tree plans. The whole concept of a xmas tree will be reinvented!