Tuesday, 28 October 2008

snow happiness

Tonight was magical. It was snowing. I went for a night time walk. Heavy and wet snow was covering at least all the cars. I added my snow desings on them...

I breathed the cold air and sniffed my wet woollen mittens. I was more alive than I've been for a long time. There were no other people but I met a fox. I'm happy.

me against tea

This is what came to my mind first when given the task "me-tea party". The word tea bothered me so much(as I absolutely hate tea)that i desided to go for emphasizing how I hate it!


first big scale drawings

For refreshments I made these "I'm not a tea bag" bags with sweets inside.

The final desing!

Salmer fra kjøkkenet

This film is hilarious! I just picked it quite randomly from schools library. I think that it deals with similar issues with some of the writings we've told to read for our U2 essey. Human beings confronting mechanized world....

Friday, 24 October 2008

Boob business (Cabaret group project)

My very first ideas. Boob and eye hats!!!!

Skeching Palomar the main character

girl desings...

developing idea for the flyer

my version for the flyer

my storyboard pictures with colours

the character doll done by me

wire structure for the boob

boob covered with news

the boob and the massive bra(that covered Palomars eyes at one point in our performance)

me(other half of Palomars thoughts) and Palomars head(the stage)

props used to represent Palomars thoughts

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Most Haunted moments in John Soanes house

Hunterian Museum in my sketch book

Some drawings from the summer project

name: Iriini. I've always felt that it sounds like someone skinny is screaming

age: 27. I can't believe I'm that old. I should be a woman now...yeah?

nationality: Finnish. Finland is the promised land of depression and uggly people, but we rock.

education: make-up-artist among all sorts of other things. Fashion world...well...it is a "funny" world.

expectation 1: confusion. My other name could be confused. And when putted in a rather new experience...well I'll be fucking confused!
expectation 2: desing architypes. I'm sure I'll bump into those a lot!

requirement 1: keep the style. Ofcourse!!!!requirement 2: don't panic! I tend to panic bit too easily.requirement 3: girls don't cry. Means I have to stay strong!