Monday, 17 August 2009

witch business in the Kingdom of Slugs

My sister Kiira came to London this summer. She stayed more than a month which still went too quickly. Before she left we absolutely had to have a photoshoot session! We went with our white faces and curious assescories to the wood near my house. The only light we had was the flash of the camera and little did we know about billions of slugs crawling around us...and top of us. Until too late ofcourse.

Ms Motivator!

Mr Motivator = my inspiration

Ms Motivator = ME!!!

On our Leisure centre Exhibition we had lots of workshops too. I wasn't part of planning team or responsible in anyway but couldn't resist the temptation when I was asked to do some modelling for life drawing!As the whole theme was sports even modelling wasn't just modelling. I was pretending to be a gym instructor and took very sporty poses. It was bloody hard work and way less energetic than what my idol and inspiration Mr Motivator does on morning tv!

very sporty exhibition

After the first year we organised an exhibition in Camberwell Leisure Centre. When I first heard about it I got very excited and quite quickly did my "diving simulator girl" photos. After that I lost my interest and thought that I would not have any work up there as I was visiting Finland just before the show...and other bad excuses. Literally on the last possible night I changed my mind again and rushed my photos on frames and painted a mini sized picture to go along. I am not that stupidly proud of my final product but would have been so much more dissapointed at my self if I wouldn't have done anything.