Friday, 6 September 2013

the dragon

 My wonderful boyfriend had his birthday end of last month. This was the first time I needed to give him a present, since we've been together only less than a year, and the pressure was on.He likes expensive wooden furniture so I decided to give him a dragon. Makes sense, yeah? Well he also likes dragons and I can't afford to buy expensive wooden furniture but I know how to make creatures. Above is the initial sketch and below are the dragon patterns.

 These are dragon limbs. 

When the dragon was ready I needed to pack her inside an appropriate box for dragon handling.

And tadaa, this is her: my very first dragon baby. From now on I shall call myself the Mother of Dragons.

elephant on billboards

So in the beginning of the summer I made an elephant. Summer is over now but I never managed to report what happened next. Well the elephant starred in the advertising campaign for Camberwell Arts Festival alongside the super cool flying boat made by Jess. Sadly I never managed to see our billboards by myself because I was holidaying by a turquoise sea when the campaign took place. Jess took some pictures though and these are them!
Unfortunately I still haven't got the actual photos that were used in the campaign. Will post them as soon as I get hold of them!

Monday, 3 June 2013

how to make an elephant

First you start with the wire structure. Warning: your hands will bleed a lot and consequently suffer cosmetic damage.

Then you find good use for rubbish red top newspapers and rip them into pieces. You also need to mix some wallpaper adhesive and then you just start covering the elephant skeleton with scandalous news.

After a little while you should have a beautiful elephant shape in your hands.

If you are impatient type of person you will need a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

Now after you completed the difficult part of shape making there's only the fun part left: painting and decorating. Make it bloody cool!

My elephant has a double decker carriage on it's back. Naturally. 

Now if you are wondering WHY on earth did I make a double decker elephant; well it will be part of the advertisement campaign for Camberwell Arts Festival. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

the Mila Falls Music Video is OUT!!!!

It's finally here: the super cool space video we made for Mila Falls last year!