Monday, 13 September 2010

Uuno the Cat

The pattern for Uuno. I started from his face and accidentally he turned out like a famous (and very ugly) Finnish comedy character Uuno Turhapuro.

This is my pride: the ratteling thing to go inside Uuno. Now he is like a real baby toy and makes noices!

Uuno and my brand new bright green sewing machine. To be totally honest the main reason to make Uuno was to test my sewing machine. I am so proud of it.

soft toys for unbalanced kids

My very good friend has 4 month old boy.I haven't seen him yet as I live here in London and they live back home in Finland. To ease my guilt I decided to make him a very special toy. These are my initial sketches. I don't think I can do baby stuff very well. All things pale blue and pink make me nauseous. Luckily my friend shares similar views with me but still I felt that these designs needed to be tone down a bit.

Below is the final design based on the only fabric I happened to have. I thought that it was a rather valid and good starting point. It is a cat as my friend really loves them.