Friday, 18 December 2009

The only Christmas cards I made this year

I was lazy this year and bought most of the Christmas cards. The only people I felt that I had to produce cards by my self were my work mates. As we work in a pretty good card shop it felt pointless to give them commercial cards. Everyone there knows all cards available in the market. And then I have to confess that before giving these ones out I sent them as ecards to lots of people. Easy and lazy!

this fairytale is actually anything but fairytale

who needs snow?

In the end I was more interested on purpose of snow than structure of it. If I feel like I need snow surely there must be someone who actually really needs it. And well, there is! Lots of animals in cold countries. I found an article in a magazine about ptarmigans being in danger In Scotland because of the lack of snow. They turn completely white in winter which gives them protection...well if there would be snow. Lately winters in Scotland have been too warm and therefore ptarmigans are in real danger. Similar situation faces various animals like for excample hares also in places like Finland.

I got quite into character design again...surprice surprice. I really wanted to make my ptarmigan into a lady but then I realised that lady ptarmigans do not have that cool bright red eye brown. Blimey.

So ptarmigan was going to be an ugly fat man instead. Obviously!

Then I started structuring my story.


So I had to choose a was pretty obvious in the end. I chose snow. I get very emotional about snow, particularly this time of the year. I grew up with very snowy winters. I think that I need snow, but now I wanted to see the snow from more scientific point of view.

Above are some facts about snow that I learned from books and internet. Below are the facts about snow that I learned from experience as a kid.

me pretending to be scientific

The last project this term was the FACT project. We started it by travelling to Oxford(so academic the whole place....) There we visited 2 curious museums; The Natural History Museum and The Pitt Rivers Museum. They were actually in the same building and both were super interesting but I Preferred drawing dinosaurs and other cool animals in the Natural History Museum. Dinosaurs just are so cool...