Wednesday, 18 April 2012

new person in Japan!

My friend Sayaka got a baby far far away in Japan. The occasion needed my best card making efforts. I miss her dearly and wish that one day (not too long time coming) I can visit her. She will most defiantly be the best and most fun parent in the world! She is also amazing artsy fartsy person so please check her out!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

easter stuff

 It's Easter NOW. We have a massive lamb roast in the oven and just painted some eggs. I always liked Easter. As a kid I truly believed in the Easter Bunny. He was a scary character... Few days ago it was Maundy Thursday as they say here in England but in Finland it's called kiirastorstai which sounds like Kiira's Thursday. Then there's kiirastuli which sounds like Kiira's fire (it has something to do with souls purifying before going to heaven). We always found it entertaining since my sister's name is Kiira. that's why I drew the picture above for her!

This is my mr.Egg Head.
And this is my dear boyfriend testing the wine while painting eggs...

Here is our very Easterish shelve with chicks and chocolates and so on! Happy Bunny and Chick Day everyone!