Friday, 24 October 2008

Boob business (Cabaret group project)

My very first ideas. Boob and eye hats!!!!

Skeching Palomar the main character

girl desings...

developing idea for the flyer

my version for the flyer

my storyboard pictures with colours

the character doll done by me

wire structure for the boob

boob covered with news

the boob and the massive bra(that covered Palomars eyes at one point in our performance)

me(other half of Palomars thoughts) and Palomars head(the stage)

props used to represent Palomars thoughts


Megan Sinclair said...

hello. your storyboard & doll pieces with the coloured card are so fun! really stood out from the other side of the room where i was sitting. and your performance was great!x

Elisa said...

Fantastista, Ipe! Olet ahkerasti taiteillut saarellasi. Nauroin sulle vihreänaamaisena miehenä. Olet mahtava. :-D

T: Elisa

Snörf said...

Blogin nimi on paras. Myös piirrustukset on kovin päheitä.