Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Spider Walk

The third year has started. We were told to work harder than hard like every day. Today was the second day of this term and I was supposed to work harder than hard on my animation project. I finally had a starting point after the whole summer of just being obsessed about gender stereotypes and how they are being forced onto kids. Well, subject like that is obviously way too large and I had to simplify my thoughts into something, well very simple. And here it was, Pop, a Swedish child who's parents refuse to tell if Pop is a girl or a boy. World is shocked but I am happy. Pop is a perfect hero for my animation. POP THE GENDER FREE CHILD! Like a superhero Pop CAN DO anything. Pop CAN play dress up and with dolls but Pop CAN also play with guns and monsters. REVOLUTIONARY child indeed!

But then the sun came out and I got bored and the following adventure just happened. 


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