Friday, 8 May 2009

Hot News= Gossip

It was natural for me, as being the gossip creature, designing our "official" newspaper. In real life I prefer serious newspapers such as The Guardian because reading them makes me feel more clever. The so called redtops are considered to be for the "lower" and less intelligent classes. In my research I got into looking at these scandalous tabloid papers and the psychology they use.

Some of the tabloids are rather funny...

I found it important to design the headline for my paper very well. I looked into lots of different fonts and in the end preferred the old fashioned "engravers old english". It was rather difficult to copy by hand so I finally faced my fear of Photoshop. Below is the result of hours and hours of swearing and sweating. It is very basic I know but my skills are unexcistent. Well they are bit better now. I think that I upgraded from minus level to basic starter level. Small victory!

Below is one design for tabloid and then my final newspaper covers. I did them by hand and in very childish way. My excuse: I was lazy. Oups

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