Friday, 8 May 2009

DVD deco

Our film needed a package ofcourse. We decided to burn it on DVDs to hand out people as our manifesto. Sayaka and Yono designed the cover leaflet and package. I did the desing on actual DVDs. Thanks to my short work experience in a stationary shop I knew that DVD stickers exsisted. Now don't laugh but I found it very hard to know how to make desing on computer so that it would print out precisely on right place. I did it all manually instead...and didn't save any time or nerves. I carved the text "Woodlings" as a mirror image on lino and then hand printed it on stickers. First I tried to use acrylic colours but after several test pieces gave up and bought actual block printing colours. After hours of messy work only thing that worried me was wether the DVDs would work with tose stickers on them as the print was bit thik and uneven. I tried to do them as flat as possible but obviously with my technique the finish could never be as neat as when printing with a printer. Apparently the DVDs were funtional in the end!

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