Friday, 21 November 2008

High Flyer LAW Profile

I misunderstood the text for my poster. Well...I'm happy the whole sing project is over now. I have to admit that I started getting annoyed with it(sorry Darryl for usin "annoyed "again). I made lots of mistakes with it and misunderstood everything but at least it made me rethink my ways of working. Guess I learned a lot. On this final task I found my self enjoying drawing buildings wich is totally new to me! Yippee. So above are some sketches and underneeth the final poster. The actual text was supposed to be "high flyer low profile". And yes I started by doing poster for other text: "fancy dance" but changed my mind...


nadia said...

i love everything you are saying so much!!! it's just you!! i miss you already!
hope you are ok with your essay.
see you soon.

Elisa said...

Jopa sun rakennuksissasi on inhimillisiä piirteitä. ;-) Hienoa kuvia!