Thursday, 22 January 2009

Story about Bruce and Drop

Last part of the object project was to produce a narrative. I love stories and my work tends to have narratives even when not asked. The whole starting point for my project was a story or memory from my childhood and I didn't want to repeat that anymore(me falling down from my highchair). I still wanted to stick to my childhood though and visual imagenary from that time. I loved picture books then and I still do. We had a massive shelf full of books in mine and my sisters room. We also visited library nearly every day. So for inspiration I searched my old favourite books with memorable illustrations such as some moomin books by Tove Jansson and work by Camilla Mickwitz.
Main characters of my story are two tiny creatures called Drop and Bruce. They live down on the ground of the wood of high trees. Their legs are short and they can't reach very high. Both of the friends are vey curious about what amazing might be happening up there and they come up with a plan of building a very high cair. The end is rather sad as my imagination got carried away again.

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