Sunday, 17 January 2010

London Transport

For the Publish project I am planning to make Boredom Survival Kits for Tube Travelling. My audience is therefore commuters and travellers in London underground. I found these old London Transport posters as postcards and fell in love! London Underground used to be one of the biggest and most respected commissioners of artists and designers. This trend started with Frank Pick who was managing director of the London Passenger Transport Board from 1933 to 1940. This trend continued even after his time all the way until 1970s.
First poster on top left was designed by Abram Games in 1968 who also created series of iconic war posters. Rest of the posters above were created by Victor Galbraith around the year 1960.
Wouldn't it be lovely to again have this kind of design collaboration happening in our underground! With my project I try to push my very own design into the tube...

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