Monday, 21 June 2010

rat rat rat rat....

For our external group project we wanted to do an exhibition that floats...and we did! Well initianally we simply wanted to do something out in public such as graffitti. Floating idea came from the fact that it prooved rather difficult to get permits to paint on walls and we did not need to get arrested either... Air space was the space left and it was free!!!!

Each one of us came up with idea for a floating art piece. Theme was simply "invading space". I got very into rats as I found out that they are the biggest group of mammals in London. They are nearly outnumbering humans yet not really visible. Rats also have a long history with us. Humans don't really like them as they are associated with dirt and lethal diseases. The most famous one was plague calledthe Black Death that arrived to London in 1665. It was spread by black rats but the rat population of modern London consist of brown rats instead.

Above is the first sketch for my giant floating rat!

Soon I decided that instead of just holding my floating rat I would make it into a reverse marionette. Rats hands and legs would be attached to mine so that when I walk the rat would walk above me. This potrays the fact that there are roughly 1 rat per person in London!

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