Monday, 2 January 2012

Xmas presents revealed!


Now when Christmas is over I can finally reveal the presents I made for people. Above is a small baby toy called mr Big Foot I made for Miko. It was his first Xmas ever! 
Below is the handbag I made for my sister Kiira. She called it Ooogle. The metallic purse bit and the chain are from a real old antique purse. Bet I shocked some collectors with my new design!

This baby set was for my old friend Kaisu and her husband Juha. They are waiting for their first child. I bought the clothes and drew my own designs on them. I am especially happy with the scratch mittens with claw designs...

This was how it looked like under our Xmas tree!

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Elisa said...

Hienoa, nyt näin kuin näinkin sun Kaisun ja Juhan lapselle tekemät asut. Ne ovat über-söpöjä!!! <3