Monday, 26 November 2012

Space Shoot: DOORS

We finished the video shoot for Mila Falls already few months ago but since my life went upside down around the same time, I haven't managed to update any photos here...well until NOW! Here we go: this is how we became super duper amazing space set designers and builders. I'v divided the shoot in 4 posts because there were so many pictures. This first one is all about doors. Above is the life size section of the door for the bouncer. All the glory goes to Jessica who worked all night on it.

The main door was the one of the spaceship. It had to be functional for the shoot where Mila steps out of the crash landed ship. 
This is just me being silly

Working on the gold paint job. We love gold spray paint!

Finished product on the shoot.

 Mila in action! I have to have her shoes!!!!!

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