Monday, 2 March 2009

The Ipe Costume

May I proudly present The Ipe Costume! The actual costume is tailored from super maxi sized underpants. The ballerina feeling of it became slighlty accidentally. I wanted to make it look like a swimming costume as I can't think living without swimming. As a very young girl I had a common girl dream of becoming a real ballerina wich fighted against my strong tomboy personality. That very same unbalance have followed me all these years. That is my personality; someone who doesn't wan't to fit in the expectations. I need to brake the rules. I am against role types. I am happy to be pretty ballerina who climbes up the trees and gets dirty.

The trickiest bit of my costume was the making of these branches to go around my neck. I can tell now that it is not easy at all to turn around and stuff very long and narrow shapes. Branches together with my "helmet" represent my need for forest. Even though I grew up in Helsinki the biggest city of Finland the forest was always there. We lived on an island infront of the city and played in the woods and rocky beaches. Finnish people spend lots of time in the nature anyway. It is part of the culture. The forest is never too far. It is all around. Everybody has been picking berries and mushrooms. Everybody swims in the lakes and the sea. Everybody has been "forced" to go cross country skiing...and so on. In London I met for the first time people who had never been to country side or forest. I was baffled indeed.

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