Sunday, 7 February 2010

Boredom Survival Kit for Tube Travelling

This is it! TADAAA!!! Above is the front of the sleeve and below the back.

And these are the pages of the actual doodle book which is found inside every sleeve among a pencil.

Guess I need to explain myself a bit. Our latest project was called Publish. We needed to create a publication with minimum amount of copies being ten. I only did 60....but that was my whole point really. I wanted to do something to cheer people up. People in this big city seem very busy and often look bit miserable or stressed out. Especially commuters on public transport, they don't look enjoying their journeys and I'm not blaming them. They squeeze into rush hour tubes every day to get to work and back. My aim was to create something positively unexpected for their everyday journey. If I managed to get a smile on someones face I succeeded!
So I needed to make as many copies as possible and therefore could not do complicated book bindings etc. My doodle kit was to be handed out as a freebie just like daily newspapers such as Evening Standard. And as I am just a student, not a millionaire my methods needed to be cost effective as well. Therefore I decided to make a more substantial sleeve for my booklet and print that with colours on thicker paper. The actual booklet was photocopied. I wanted to copy it on cheaper paper like newsprint or sugar paper but realised soon that none of the photocopiers wanted to use any other than their paper. It was therefore cheaper to make it on nicer paper.I also included a pencil into each kit. Pencils were my cheapest investment though...only 3 pounds for all of them! What would we do without pound shops!


Amanda Y said...

amazing! I want one. So creative.

Kirppu said...

Siitä tuli ihan mahtava!!! JEAH! Kai sä säästit ees yhden itelles? Tai toisen mulle? :D

ipe said...

Kirppu. Sulle on tietysti vielä yks kopio jäljellä1