Sunday, 7 February 2010

idiotic working methods=making of the kit

This is my hand doing colour hand...not computer which would have been so much more advanced way of working.

So this is it: colour separation for the cover of my kit. In the middle is the original art work.

I used Risograph printing machine for the cover sleeves. It is such a cool machine! Our tutors managed to get one to our department and my artwork was first one to be printed! Risograph is a bit like screen printing machine. Only 1 colour at time gets printed and obviously each colour needs its own artwork. This is why I was doing colour separation earlier. These are all 60 covers fresh from Risograph and before I cutted them to right shape(by hand) and clued together(by hand).

Each of my kits included a pencil. I got very cheap pencils from a pound shop but they all needed sharpening. Lee helped me with my 60 pencils. Both of our hands are full of blisters now.

And finally, these are all my Boredom Survival Kits for Tube Travelling!

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