Sunday, 12 December 2010

how to develop a massive index finger: chapter 1

 To develop a massive index finger is a long process. So after I had setled into making an animation of Pop, the Swedish child who's gender remains a mystery, I did lots of sketching. I think you could call this process character design. It sounds professional.

 Above left is the paper doll type design of Pop and the right one is one of the outfits I drew for Pop on tracing paper. Below are all of the outfits. My simple idea was to show how Pop had no gender restrictions by giving Pop sterotypically boyish and girlish clothes. Kids in general seem to like role play, fancy dress etc. If you go to a fancy dress shop there is a clear gender divide. For girls there is a sparkly selection of princess dresses, tiaras and fairy wings. Boys are offered a variety of professions such as a police man or a soldier. Super heroes are clearly a boy profession as well.

 One thing became clear to me during the planning process, Pop was going to be a sort of Super Hero child. Pop could do ANYTHING, girl and boy things. That simple ability of not having to choose according to ones gender would be portrayed as Pop's super power. The other thing that came from this process was the fact that Pop would have red hair. I do not know really why. I think I like red heads. And besides they do have this "curse" on them of being ginger. I am for equality whether is between sexes or races or umm...people with just different hair colours. The whole culture of bullying ginger people is as ridicilous as assuming that one is for example a good leader only based on ones gender.

Oh and back to my over developed index finger. Well, at these early stages it was still pretty normal. I had only just started drawing, which eventually turned into pretty excessive drawing. But I will get to that in future chapters.

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