Wednesday, 9 February 2011

skeletons and lots of hair everywhere!

Finally I have had time to get back to my final project The Racing Granny. I have nearly finished the characters. Hooray! Above are all the resin heads before further treatments.
The next step was to make the skeletons. I made them from wire so that the limbs can be moved in different positions.I also sculpted the shoes right onto the skeletons from Milliput air drying clay. Two thinner wires come out from the soles of the shoes. Their purpose is to help the puppets stand on the set.

I also used Milliput to help me insert the hair. The resin heads are very hard so I placed a layer of Millput on them and started poking small bunches of fake hair in to it as you can see from the picture below. This process was very time consuming and the hair got absolutely everywhere!

 I left the hair very long so I have enough to play with when making the final hairstyles. Now the heads of The Racing Granny and The Machine Kid look like those unrealistic looking Barbie dolls with too much hair...

The next step is to wrap the skeletons with cotton wool which I already tested with Kitchen Tom. Then they will be covered with fabric and clothes. So nearly there!

This week is the assessment so I had to give my puppets away to be assessed.  Below is the box where I arranged them.I have to mention Barbie dolls the second time now as I stole the technique of how to attach the dolls from the Barbie packaging. Anyone who's ever had to open a new Barbie box have been confronted with lots of wires around every single bit of a doll and equipment and through to the other side of the cardboard. This wiring keeps the doll in a nice position in her display box and this is what I did to my babies as well! Barbie is an educational toy after all!

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