Friday, 7 January 2011

POP Merchandise

If an average Disney film which lasts approximately 1 and a half hours gets merchandising from caps and soft toys to Happy Meals and computer games, overall probably thousands of various products, then my one minute long film can easily have a paper doll for that purpose. And because Pop is totally free to watch on line, so is it's merchandise. It's free and it's here. Just click on the pictures and print them out. I recommend changing the printing setting to landscape so that Pop wouldn't be too small to handle. There are also 2 options: the DIY 'cheap and cheerful colour it in your self' option or the ready coloured one for people who can afford colour printing.

 First few sheets were all the outfits featured in the film. Now follows the extra features! If anyone has any request regarding what Pop could wear and/or be, just let me know and I may make your dreams come true. Pop is The Wonder Child any ways!


Elisa said...

Vähänkö söpöjä ja mielikuvituksellsia vaatteita! Ihana idea tuo paperinukke-extra. ;)

Anne said...

Loistava! Kuten myös lyhytanimaatiosi. Walterin lempikohta oli, kun POPin hiukset vaan kasvoivat! Sitä piti katsoa monta kertaa. :)