Monday, 24 March 2014

house from the year 1979 (the Water and Steam Museum)

The final house has all the modern mod cons.

Let me show you how my characters came alive. After I'd completed my drawings, model makers printed them out. Then they clued the figures on foam and carefully cut out the shapes. The character then got a stick hidden on back which then would be inserted on the floor making the figure stand. 

The small boy jumping on bed got a thin stick on his head instead and was hung from the ceiling.

At this time people were simply enjoying the modern ways and rarely thought about possible outcomes. This lady who pours frying fat into the sink is blissfully unaware that it will block the pipes and cause all sorts of problems.


Here's Hanna putting final touches on the house. 
Dad of the family has just finished washing his car.

I also did cross section drawings of sewage systems that went on the sides of the houses.

Special thanks for Chris Tatler for amazing photos(the best ones are by him).

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Red Laurie said...

Wow- I love it! So much work involved and a fabulous result- well done!