Sunday, 23 March 2014

the London Museum of Water and Steam

Lucy adding final touches to houses

The coolest museum ever(formerly know as the Steam Museum)reopened this weekend. I was very lucky to be a part of making this kick ass museum even more kick ass. Based in the old water pumping station next to Kew Bridge, this museum is a home for some of the coolest steam engines. After receiving lottery funding the museum got a modern makeover and even bigger exhibitions. I got to be part of the team that built miniature houses for the Waterworks Gallery downstairs. Model makers Robert Dawson, Lucy Askew and Hanna SzaƂach worked their magic on the buildings whilst I drew a family who travelled through time from house to house. We combined 3D models and my "comics" to tell a story of water in London's homes. 

Robert and the 17th century house

museum visitors admiring our work!

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