Thursday, 31 March 2011

beaver and photoshop tests

 I want to use flat colours and characters without outlines for my beaver story and thought that using Photoshop might be the way forward. I am not that advanced with the program though and needed lots of swearing and head scratching to figure out how to do this.
I started practising with this image but soon realised that it had too many greys and variants of colour to work perfectly.

I moved to this beaver which is very black and white=easy for a computer retouching. 
 And here it is, the first nearly successful attempt to colour in shapes and take off outlines. 

 With this beaver I took my newly learned skills to a next level and figured out how to use Photoshop layering effectively and seperated the fur to its own colour layer! Hooray, technology!

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Elisa said...

En kestä, kun nämä majavat ovat niin ylisöpöjä!! Tulee myös ihan mieleen lapsuus, koska Nean lempilelu oli pehmolelu-majava nimeltä Majuri. Lapset tulevat ihastumaan kirjaasi!