Thursday, 31 March 2011

obsessed by beavers

I am doing the Macmillan Children's Picture Book competition again... like there would not have been enough stress this year already. I have always been interested in beavers as they build so cool nests and dams. I also intentionally wanted to draw animals for a change. I began studying these curious creatures by visiting the National History Museum in London which actually was quite a disappointment. Luckily I flew to Finland for few days and had a change to draw in the Zoological Museum of Helsinki (sketches below).

My main source of information has been the book Beavers by Andrew Kitcher. Below are some sketches I drew while I read about the habits of beavers.

While studying beavers I have learned that they are relatives to squirrels and this fact gave Lee, my boyfriend, an idea of a squirrel visiting a beaver as it's far relative. I thought it was a great idea and started studying squirrels as well.

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