Thursday, 31 March 2011

beaver and squirrel

After studying beavers and squirrels the next step was to plan my characters. Beaver would be serious and hard working while the squirrel would be eccentric and rather bohemian. All these traits of character I picked from actual facts and thought it would make a good dynamic to mix these rather different characters together.

Trying out different techniques: above, testing different colouring-in techniques for the beaver and below, are some tests with soft pastels and ink.

The basic plot starts with the beaver anticipating her far far relative to come for a visit but she has no idea that the relative would be rather different to her.
Below is the first cross-section sketch of the beaver lodge. The lodge is the reason I want to do this book so there has to be a double spread of it!

This crying scene was meant for the end part of the story but I decided against it as it seemed to have a different visual language to the rest of the story.

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